Sex vs Gender: A unnecessary argument

Hey everyone, a bit of an eventful blog today. I’m physically, and mentally exhausted. My brain is so stuffed it’s a really stressful time of year. I’m going to talk about my lovely gym class adventures because it’s really relatable to the point of this blog.

So It’s about 1:50, gym class ends at 2:30. My friend asks me “Hey Kayla? What are you doing for your innovation project? And why did our teacher come out as a lesbian to the class?”. First of all, our teacher came out as heterosexual as a joke because we were going over a youth inclusivity survey which you guys will be able to take within a few months. Secondly, when I explained the entire project he started saying “But, there are only 2 genders!”. So I, having a non-binary best friend and a demi girl cousin, got defensive. I told him that there are 2 sexes, and then there’s intersex but that genders can go on and on. I can think of 33 gender identities that I’ve personally heard of.

Alright, so I explained the difference between gender and sex about 7 times but he still didn’t understand. He was laughing about it so I was getting ticked off. I was also really ticked off because the questions he was asking me were so unnecessary. Finally, the bell rang so I ran to go change. When I was headed to my locker he followed me. I was almost in tears because as I’ve mentioned before, I have really bad anxiety and I HATE being asked too many questions.

So as we are walking through the hall he says and I honest to god am telling the truth, “Well anyone who identifies as a gender different than what they are born with has been proven to be mental.”. This just completely made me breakdown. I turned around and stopped him in his tracks. I said, “(His name), If you say one more thing I’m going to cry, and I am a very ugly crier.” He wanted to say something. You could tell. But, my friends pulled him away because they could see the literal fear in my face. I was terrified. For the people who suffer through things like this being directed towards them, for the people who believe in this, and for people like me who constantly get caught in between.

Thanks for reading today everyone, I’ve cried 7 times today all for different reasons. I hope you all had a better day than I did. Love you’s, bye!



Hey everyone, short post today as I’m in a rush. I’ve had an okay day today. Lots of arguing with people over nicknames for my Improv shirt, but other than that my day has been great.

In geography my teacher nearly gave me a heart attack. We got our CCA marks and when she called me up she hid my paper and gave me the most terrifying look ever. Then she as subtly as possible, she told me I got the second highest mark in the class. I am so relieved, I’ve been doing really good in geography since I got my computer so I’m beginning to feel more confident.

Science was fun as usual. We did some exam review and worked a little bit on our innovation projects. I was also hooked up to an EKG machine so that was weird. Overall, it’s always a great class.

To go back to the topic of Improv, my school has two teams. A competitive team (P. Provers), and a Jr. team (Shadow Squad). I am in grade 9 and on the shadow squad so I only compete once. I went with the nickname of Zach Attack because of my last name, but my mom is buying me 2 shirts so that I can get the nickname I wanted. LGBCutie! 🙂

Well goodnight, good morning, good afternoon. Whatever it is for you!

My girl: Our story

Hey everyone, hope you have had an amazing day. I’ve had a rough day, I’m still thinking about Rose… I miss her so much, words can’t describe what I’m feeling right now. But, in order to cheer us all up, I’m going to talk about my incredible girlfriend!

I met her in September 2017. It was the first day at a new school, and we were both starting 8th grade. I was the first person in our classroom, and I chose a seat in the very front of the class. A few other people walked in, and then there was her. The most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She took a seat in the back of the classroom, diagonal from where I was seated. I tried not to stare but my eyes just kept wandering back to her.

There was something about her that caught my attention. It wasn’t her clothes or her hair, her style or her glare, it was her eyes and her smile. Wide and wondrous. Filled with adventure. She was perfect in every single way, and before that moment I didn’t think perfect existed.

The first time we actually met was at recess the following week. It all started when a friend of mine asked me to hang out with her. I thought nothing of it, she was in a different class there was no way they’ve already met. I was wrong.

Another friend of mine introduced me to her and the other boys that were there. Her name is Shaylah. That day was incredible. And so were the next 3 months. It all got real on Nov. 11th, when I finally told 2 of my best friends that I had a huge crush on her. Then, a week later a different friend got a girlfriend. She was in a good mood and wanted to play truth or dare. Of course, she asked the classic “Who do you like?”. I answered honestly. The next dare was a lot riskier, “I dare you to tell Shay I like her.”. I’m not sure what I was thinking at that point, probably that I would never have the nerve to tell her myself.

The next day was a Monday, so school was starting back up. She replied to the like “Wait, Kayla? Our Kayla? Kayla Z? Hmm, tell her I need to talk to her.”. And that morning, the girl that gave me butterflies whenever she said my name, asked me to be her girlfriend. Me. Of all people, me.

Later that day, we told our friends and they told their friends. By the end of Nov. 21st, 2017 everyone in 8th grade at our school knew we were a thing.

Shaylah and I have been dating for just over a year now. We are very happy together and she still makes me queasy whenever we are alone, but it’s great feeling now. She’s an incredibly smart girl who makes me the luckiest girl alive. Thank you all for reading, if you have any questions about Shaylah or myself, feel free to comment down below or send me a G-mail! ❤

Goodbye, Rose

Hello friends. I hope you all had a safe day. A very good friend of mine has just passed away. This is really hard to write, but it’s important to talk about.

Rose was an amazing 15-year-old girl. Top of her class, athletic, and very beautiful. Her family on the other hand, not so great. Her dad, Mark, is a mechanic, who has always been against LGBTQ+ people because he was raised that way. Jenny, her mom is very Christian but, part of the many Christians who don’t accept LGBTQ+ people. (I have nothing against Christians) Her eldest sibling, Sarah, was kicked out at the age of 17 because they are non-binary. Her brother Jonathon is only 3 years old and he loves makeup and Barbie dolls, but his parents won’t let him play with them.

Rose loved helping people more than anything in the world, but nobody could see that she was the one who needed it. She was terrified that if she told her parents she was a lesbian, she would be kicked out like her sister. So, she kept it on the inside. 4 years ago, she met me, an outgoing 10-year-old. Rose was like a sister to me, we connected in so many ways from interests to hair color. She was always there for me, and I for her. Every day, we would talk for hours on end about things like school, tv shows, and animals. We were inseparable.

Today, January 11th, 2019, Rose committed suicide because she couldn’t stand the bullying, the staring, the secrets. I will always be grateful for the 4 years of my life that I was able to spend with her. All of the laughs, cries, and deep conversations that we had together.

If you are struggling, please tell someone. I can’t just sit here and continue to lose the people I love. If you need help, reach out. Contact me, a friend, a family member, or a trusted adult. There are also youth helplines, don’t be afraid to call them. They are there for a reason. I love you all ❤ ❤

A Call To Action

Hello, people of the earth. I’m having a great day today. Science was fun as usual, and in music class, I’m learning how to play Hey Soul Sister on the clarinet! After school, I had play practice though exhausting it was super fun. Our the play we are doing is called “A call to action” and it’s about Aboriginal peoples and their rights.

Right now I am working on my science project, which is going very well. I just wrote for half an hour straight about career exploration and this blog of course. I’ve also been working on my geography CCA which might actually be the death of me. (I’m kidding but, it is really hard)

Recently, I’ve become fascinated by different sexualities and genders/gender identities. If you need anything related to gender identity or sexual orientation, I’m your girl! I have done a LOT of research so hit me up!

Well, I’m really exhausted so I’m going to bed. Goodnight everyone! Also, comment down below how your day has been!

Edit: I didn’t go to bed for another 3 hours because I got caught up with homework.

I found my thing

Hey guys. Today has been really fun! I met a lot of new friends and they are super kind. They make me feel filled with joy which is an amazing feeling. I met them online, and honestly I’m feeling great about them! One of them, Kaci, is the truth or dare queen! She always has amazing questions ready!

How have you guys been today? Hopefully your having a good day! Remember, if you need anything just message me! I’m always around 😘

I found out something new about me today, I’m not bisexual, I’m polysexual. It’s kind of nice knowing what I am. I knew bisexual wasn’t necessarily feeling right, but straight and lesbian were wrong too. They were too specific. But, I found my thing. My new friends. To sum it, I’ve had an incredible day. Love ya, goodnight! 💕💖💞💖💕

Just a day

Hello, friends! I’m so full of mac & cheese that I might just explode! My mom made it using her Instapot and oh my gosh it’s incredibly delicious. Honestly, I didn’t think my mom’s cooking could get any better but I was proven wrong.

Alright, so I’m currently receiving messages from some old friends saying that they don’t accept me. What does that mean exactly? They don’t accept me, or they don’t accept my sexuality… Who knows. The 2 people that are messaging me bullied me in elementary school so honestly, it could be either one.

How are you guys today? Hopefully, you’re good! My day has been great, and by great I mean boring. It was freezing rain last night so buses were canceled this morning. No bus = no school. What a shame… I love school. My dogs seemed to enjoy having me home at least.

I got word from the college that I plan on going to about shadowing a student sometime soon. I’m really excited because this college is really pretty… At least the main building is. I went there for a leadership conference last year and I had a blast! One of the conference rooms has a hanging stained glass pattern attached to the ceiling.

Well, not much to talk about today. My home is slightly boring, but tomorrow I can talk about Improv! See you all tomorrow, goodnight, good morning, and good afternoon