Sex vs Gender: A unnecessary argument

Hey everyone, a bit of an eventful blog today. I’m physically, and mentally exhausted. My brain is so stuffed it’s a really stressful time of year. I’m going to talk about my lovely gym class adventures because it’s really relatable to the point of this blog.

So It’s about 1:50, gym class ends at 2:30. My friend asks me “Hey Kayla? What are you doing for your innovation project? And why did our teacher come out as a lesbian to the class?”. First of all, our teacher came out as heterosexual as a joke because we were going over a youth inclusivity survey which you guys will be able to take within a few months. Secondly, when I explained the entire project he started saying “But, there are only 2 genders!”. So I, having a non-binary best friend and a demi girl cousin, got defensive. I told him that there are 2 sexes, and then there’s intersex but that genders can go on and on. I can think of 33 gender identities that I’ve personally heard of.

Alright, so I explained the difference between gender and sex about 7 times but he still didn’t understand. He was laughing about it so I was getting ticked off. I was also really ticked off because the questions he was asking me were so unnecessary. Finally, the bell rang so I ran to go change. When I was headed to my locker he followed me. I was almost in tears because as I’ve mentioned before, I have really bad anxiety and I HATE being asked too many questions.

So as we are walking through the hall he says and I honest to god am telling the truth, “Well anyone who identifies as a gender different than what they are born with has been proven to be mental.”. This just completely made me breakdown. I turned around and stopped him in his tracks. I said, “(His name), If you say one more thing I’m going to cry, and I am a very ugly crier.” He wanted to say something. You could tell. But, my friends pulled him away because they could see the literal fear in my face. I was terrified. For the people who suffer through things like this being directed towards them, for the people who believe in this, and for people like me who constantly get caught in between.

Thanks for reading today everyone, I’ve cried 7 times today all for different reasons. I hope you all had a better day than I did. Love you’s, bye!


Emotions and Social Media

Hey guys, my apologies for not writing yesterday. Everything has been crazy with exams coming up next week, and CCAs being due. I’m still really emotional with what happened to Rose, but It’s getting easier.

I’m going to talk about the meeting I was just at for my local “Youth Advisory”. We touched base on a lot of things that relate to the purpose of this blog, and next month I plan on sharing this blog with them. Let’s start with the fact that we are getting a pride parade in my town. I’m so excited, I just want to wear rainbows and dye my hair the colors of the rainbow. Honestly, I don’t care what people would say either. I love representing the fact that I’m apart of this community, and the only thing that could stop me from doing it is someone getting physical. Which I realize is the case for many people out there, and if it’s that bad, tell someone. Send an anonymous letter to your homeroom teacher, or to your principal and you could also talk to a school guidance counselor if you have one.

Another thing we talked about was when people use social media to show how they are feeling. This is something I’m extremely passionate about. When it comes to emotions and really anything related to LGBTQ+ feel free to message me and I’ll let you know what I think. Anyways, back to the topic of emotions and social media. Note, this is not me personally saying FML or KMS when I mention them.

The subject originally came up when a friend of mine mentioned people being over dramatic or attention seeking when they post things like FML or KMN/KMS on their Snap chat or Instagram stories. Which sometimes, it is the case but, sometimes they truly need people to help them. I mentioned how sometimes, people won’t talk in person because they are awkward and/or scared. I only know this because I’ve been there before. When I was 12 I had a rough patch in my life but, I was too afraid to tell anyone. I thought about suicide, but I just couldn’t. I knew it wasn’t the answer. My mom has always told me, suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I think that if you just failed a test and you’re upset, that’s not a reason to say “FML I’m gonna KMS” on your story. If your parents are really strict about your grades and your failing class and they are giving you a hard time, it may not be appropriate to say necessarily that exact phrase, but, if you’re legitimately experiencing suicidal thoughts, certainly reach out. It’s important. You are important. Your life is important. You matter, never forget that.

At the meeting, we also talked about doing a trash bash so I’m excited about that, and I’m also going to be speaking in front of the town or “City” Council, so that will be an incredible experience as well. If you guys have any questions or really anything you want to tell me, please send out an email.

Talk tomorrow, bye!

All about me

Hello everyone, today has been kind of rough. I’ve been feeling sick to my stomach all day with no apparent reason, it’s not a stomach bug sort of feeling though… It’s more like a “Something is going to happen” feeling. I mean I don’t know if it’s just from me stressing or if it’s a sign that someone is going to get really sick, possibly even myself. I’m a bit worried but I have MUCH better things to talk about!

First of all, I’m signing up for this really cool summer class that one of my mom’s friends run. It’s for students who are interested in going into the medical field. Only about 7 students get in every year and I’m one of them! I’m am so excited to work with the nurses and doctors! Technically, it isn’t a registered program and it’s free but, it’s an amazing learning opportunity that I’m really excited for! We will be going to a few different hospitals and meeting some of the staff which will probably be my favourite part because I love meeting new people. 😀

Alright, now I can talk about me. As you know by my profile, I’m 14 and I’m bisexual but there’s a LOT more to me than that. I live in Ontario, Canada and I love school. It’s a place where I feel safe, and where I can be as curious as I want without people getting angry. I’m in 9th grade and my favorite class so far is science. I plan on going to college and university to get my bachelor of science in nursing because my dream since I was 7 was to be a pediatric nurse and so that’s what I’m going to do. Hmm, what else… I love animals I have 2 dogs, plants are great too I have about 4 of them in my room… I don’t know what else to say. I have a girlfriend, she’s great and my friends are too.

This is a recent picture of me. I was on my way to a Christmas party which was honestly really boring!

That’s enough about me. I want to know about you guys! Send me an email, comment down below, something so I can acknowledge that you exist! That’s all for today, see ya tomorrow!

What were you so worried about?

Bonjour, friends! How are you today? Comment down below. 🙂 Today has been annoyingly boring. I woke up at 8 am, brushed my hair, slathered some make-up on my face, just the classic “Kayla morning routine”. I had a strawberry banana smoothie for breakfast which was the highlight of my day so far haha! I went grocery shopping but ended up feeling sick and staying in the car. I haven’t eaten anything since that smoothie, but I might eat some spaghetti for dinner. One of my new year resolutions was to lose weight and I mean, it’s going well so far. Correction, I did eat some spaghetti for dinner, this post was pushed a bit due to it. Anyways, school comes back tomorrow and I’m really excited to show my science teacher this blog as it’s part of an innovation project that we are doing in class. Don’t think I’m doing this just because of my grade though, I really do want to help people, this project just gave me the push to do it. Now back to talking about school, I’m starting to stress about exams because it’s my first time taking an exam and I’m really only worried about 1 of them but I have really bad stress habits and anxiety so my brain makes it seem like so much more than it is. I always end up with all these emotions just attacking me. Twisting my thoughts. Roaming around in my head trying to pull me apart until the day actually comes and I just swallow all of the emotions. By the end of whatever I’m doing, I’ll be thinking “What were you so worried about Kayla?”. Well, that’s all for today. Please share this blog with all of your friends, I’d really appreciate it.

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