Just a day

Hello, friends! I’m so full of mac & cheese that I might just explode! My mom made it using her Instapot and oh my gosh it’s incredibly delicious. Honestly, I didn’t think my mom’s cooking could get any better but I was proven wrong.

Alright, so I’m currently receiving messages from some old friends saying that they don’t accept me. What does that mean exactly? They don’t accept me, or they don’t accept my sexuality… Who knows. The 2 people that are messaging me bullied me in elementary school so honestly, it could be either one.

How are you guys today? Hopefully, you’re good! My day has been great, and by great I mean boring. It was freezing rain last night so buses were canceled this morning. No bus = no school. What a shame… I love school. My dogs seemed to enjoy having me home at least.

I got word from the college that I plan on going to about shadowing a student sometime soon. I’m really excited because this college is really pretty… At least the main building is. I went there for a leadership conference last year and I had a blast! One of the conference rooms has a hanging stained glass pattern attached to the ceiling.

Well, not much to talk about today. My home is slightly boring, but tomorrow I can talk about Improv! See you all tomorrow, goodnight, good morning, and good afternoon